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Rapidly expanding data centered growth of incumbent mobile opreators in the territory of Myanmar, IGT is evolving as a core enabling partner to the mobile operator's growth as well as with a vision to the mobile operator's growth as well as with a version to enhance the data & application ecosystem of the young aspiring population of Myanmar.

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Irrawaddy Green Towers (IGT) is the largest independent tower company in Myanmar. The company has a keen focus on establishing a nation-wide portfolio of telecom towers that can be shared by multiple operators to optimize infrastructure costs. Incorporated in 2014 , IGT has become the single largest operator of telecom towers and currently rolling out telecom towers for all the major operators including Telenor, Ooredoo and MPT. With the growth in telecom sector expected to grow in double digits over the next five years, we are poised to deliver on reliable, sustainable and scalable expansion of mobile, data and converged services to the telecom licensees. To know more about us, our services and value proposition we offer our customers, we welcome you to browse our site.

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