Awareness workshop at Htantabin Township

Awareness workshop was done at Htantabin Township, Yangon on 21 December, 2016.

This workshop is part of the outreach program practised by IGT aiming to build a long term partnership between IGT and the communities in the area.

IGT has two sites in this area namely – YN0061 and YN0107.

This workshop was attended by about 50 people from the surrounding communities.

Presentations were done explaining IGT objectives concerning the towers and the local communities.

The workshop emphasized on the safety of the towers and the responsible business model practised by IGT. It was clearly explained that IGT business goes hand in hand with the community development of the people in the area.

A question and answer session was incorporated in the workshop to build a dialogue with the participants.

The workshop was very successful and at the end of the session –

(1)U Than Shwe, VillageTtract Administer, Petinnkallay Village tract explained that they welcome tower building
(2)U Win Myint, Village Tract Administrator, Donggyi Village Tract, requested a tower for their village tract because mobile connection in their village was not good

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