IGT Environment Day 2017

Promoting company’s commitment in support to corporate social responsibility to the Environment, IGT have initiated this first ever environment event this year. This event will impart message to the community across the country that IGT are environmentally friendly not only to IGT sites and its surrounding areas but as well as throughout Myanmar. On 10th …

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MCRB Workshop in IGT

Along with the successful background as a first tower construction company in local business Myanmar, IGT has strongly commitment to giving back to the country through its numerous charities and philanthropic donations across Myanmar. To be in line and efficiently initiate CSR activities across Myanmar, recently, IGT had invited Mrs. Vicky Bowman, director of MCRB(Myanmar …

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Operational Excellence 2016

Irrawaddy Green Towers (IGT) introduced “Operational Excellence” within the organisation during December 2015. Challenges in the work flow and practical steps to eliminate/mitigate these challenges were openly discussed and action plan put in place for different departments. One year after the first workshop, IGT organised the second Operational Excellence workshop at Summit Park View Hotel, …

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