IGT HSE Marathon Fun Run 2017

In line with the company’s vision to promote our social responsibility among ourselves in supporting human rights, underage labor, anti-corruption, environment, safety and health. 

Irrawaddy Green Towers have exerted an extra milestone in organizing one special event to exercise this corporate drive. With this, IGT have scheduled a half day activity of full of fun games on 18 March 2017 at Foot Ball Field in Star City, Thanlyin.

From the sideline, IGT has commissioned one (1) Medical Response Team from Victoria Hospital all equipped with an emergency ambulance, one (1) Doctor, one (1) nurse, one (1) PCA & one (1) GW. This is to mitigate risk just in case of unfortunate injury during the activity.

This Marathon Fun Run 2017 event has started with a breakfast call of all our employees in our new IGT Office in ICC, Botahtaung Township. This is followed with a group motorcade towards the venue. As usual, the activity is ushered by a warm introductory speech from our CEO.

The Fun Run has lasted for almost one (1) hour for all participant to complete the six (6) laps of total three (3) kms. distance run.  This was followed with six (6) exciting fun games of Tug of War, Sack Race, Three-(3) Legged Run, Food Challenge, Potato Run and Balloon Exploding.

To refreshed and re-energized all employees from such tiring activity, IGT has served quality and healthy of variety foods at lunch time to all its employees. After which awarding has been given to deserving winners of each category of fun games.

The event is concluded with an encouraging parting statement from our CFO- Elie El Haddad. And before moving out from the venue hand-in-hand all IGT employees did one teamwork of clean-up drive to its surrounding environment of the activity.

As we parted ways last Saturday, IGT are happy to report to have a Zero Lost Time Injury (LTI) on our hand. The management are hopeful that the camaraderie and teamwork that we have observed in the field among our IGT employees will be translated to a more productive environment to our workplace’s and sites.


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