IGT HSE Weight Challenge 2017 Part Two (2)

Part of a continuing effort on Health Awareness among its employees, the management of Irrawaddy Green Towers have launch a Second Weight Challenge Competition.

Effort exerted by all participant on this weight challenge has concluded on 26th of May 2017 at Vintage Luxury Hotel. Aside from the program proper, the management have prepared a sumptuous food to all its employees followed by awarding of prizes to deserving winners.

Our IGT CEO has congratulated all participant on this event and reiterated everyone to continue having a healthy lifestyle, with regular exercise and refrain from eating harmful foods. Each of the winners has all shared their own life experiences, their struggles on how they were able to overcome the urge of eating something nice, and finally chosen to be one of the weight challenge finalist.

As sort of a token appreciation, the management has rewarded Ten (10) deserving winners on this challenge with Cash Incentives. Hopefully, this kind of event will take place often as requires as it deliver good result and motivation amongst IGT employees.

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