IGT HSE Weight Challenge 2017

As a follow-up drive on its Health Awareness among its employees, the management of Irrawaddy Green Towers have launch its first ever Weight Challenge Competition in 2017. This is to encourage individual who are overweight and obese to reduce weight so as to have a healthy body.

Nonetheless, our CEO has called and recommended everyone to practice a healthy lifestyle, refrain from eating harmful and fatty foods that are detrimental on attaining the desired weight.

With this challenge we have commissioned a Medical Team of 1 Doctor and Staff to assist, advise concerned employees who have participated on this challenge on the positive side of having a sound body in a working environment.

This tremendous effort exerted by all participant of this weight challenge has culminated on 24th of February 2017 in Taw Win Garden Hotel. The management have prepared a sumptuous food to all its employees on this afternoon then followed by awarding of prizes to deserving winners. It is hosted by our CEO who has delivered a motivational message among all attendees of the event.

As a token appreciation, the management has rewarded four (4) units of Apple- IPad to the first 4 winners and a cash incentive to the other ten (10) participants.

Before we left the venue with had taken group photos… and leaving hope among ourselves that nothing is impossible as long as we really desired for it as saying says “Failure cannot overtake us if our determination is gritty enough”

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